Let’s talk about Vegan pancakes.

Anyone who has ever been to Swingers in Santa Monica knows the joy of vegan chocolate-chip pancakes, which they only serve on the weekends. And who doesn’t fondly remember the beloved Mrs. Buttersworth or Aunt Jemima? I’ve spent way too much time at I-HOP in my lifetime. Pancakes are hands-down my favorite breakfast food.

I have a friend who makes fantastic vegan pancakes. They’re thin and light and chewy, more like a McDonald’s pancake than anything else. I have had great trouble replicating his recipe, although I have finally identified the right type of flour and will be doing another test batch this week.

In the meantime, I studied some recipes online and through a series of experiments, devised a vegan pancake recipe that is light and fluffy. It reminds me more of an Aunt Jemima pancake than anything else. For the picture above, I added some fresh blueberries which cut down on the need for sugar in the recipe.