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The Spanish Conquistador

When I worked at a coffee shop in college, we used to have thisĀ pain-in-the-ass drinking chocolate from a company called Shokinag. This is why it was so bad. Reason #1: it tasted awful. Reason #2: you had to take these chocolate flakes and melt them in hot water, stir them at 100 mph, and then add steamed milk. However, I was bored one day and started reading the back of the Shokinag’s can, which was full of interesting hot chocolate lore. Thanks to my superior memory, I will always know the following.

1: Hot chocolate was brought back to Spain by the conquistadores.

2: It was a drink enjoyed by royalty.

3: It is traditionally served with cinnamon and honey.

As the sun starts to set earlier and earlier, I find myself getting home from the gym and wanting something hot to drink. So last week I plopped on my Halloween-themed slipper socks (so comfortable, go get yourself a pair), and came up with this recipe.