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No-Hurry Veggie Curry

One of my biggest food weaknesses is yellow curry. I love the combination of spices and sweet coconut milk, and always rationalize my consumption of it by thinking about all the nutritious vegetables that are floating around inside my bowl. However, I know that restaurant curries can be full of fat and unnecessary calories. I’ve been hitting barre fitness class four times a week lately, and I am not going to waste my time there by coming home and essentially chewing on a big piece of coconut fat. So, I set out to create a curry recipe with no added fat or oils, and I think I did a pretty good job. The coconut milk makes this dish rich enough, and I reason that the added oil is just a result of having to use a pan over high heat. I eliminated the need for any stir frying by converting this over to a crockpot recipe.

Sure, it takes a couple of hours to make, but I discovered that there is nothing more satisfying on a fall morning than waking up to the smell of this delicious curry. I took it to work with some steamed rice, and it was amazing.