If I were a superhero, my kryptonite might be vegetable sushi rolls, and here’s why. 1: I can’t get enough of them. 2: When I go out for sushi, I can ring up quite a tab. Between the sake and the Sapporo and the massive quantities of sushi necessary to soak the two of them up,  I’m looking at a pretty expensive endeavor. On the upside, my ability to consume massive quantities of sushi enables me to use economies of scale to my advantage. For a modest set-up cost, I picked up a sushi-making kit, miso soup mix, nori, and sushi rice (all at World Market!). To date, I have made sushi 3 times and still have enough rice and nori for more. I also bought a delicious bottle of sake, but that barely made it through the first sushi night. For anyone who eats sushi a couple of times a month, I highly reccomend investing in these tools and taking some time to learn how to roll your own. I’ve included a great link below my veggie roll ingredients.
Nicole’s Veggie Roll
1/2 c. sushi rice, cooked
2 stalks of asparagus, lightly steamed
thinly sliced avocado
cucumbers, cut into thin straws