I hate mayonnaise. I also hate Vegannaise. Something about the creamy thickness of it all makes me nauseated Seriously. I also think that the idea of making a potato salad with the-condiment-that-must-not-be-named and letting it bake out in the hot summer sun is a recipe for disaster. Instead, I prefer a potato salad with some olive oil and vinegar as a dressing. It’s delicious and it holds up better to being outside.

I found a recipe on Rachel Ray’s website, but since it is Rachel Ray’s website, she uses beef consume in her potato salad. I’m going to have to issue a yellow card to Rachel for unnecessary use of little baby animals. I took her recipe and replaced the beef yuck with vegetable broth, and also omitted the red peppers, because they seemed unnecessary. I also reduced the olive oil to 2 TBSP, and no one complained or even seemed to notice. In fact, my potato salad recipe was well-received by those who were able to make it out to our 4th of July BBQ.
Rachel’s Recipe
I really like the idea of a vegan BBQ, but it adds a level of difficulty to attracting guests. Most of my friends are omnivores, and they are generally good sports about it. However, it takes a true vegan foodie to get as excited about barbecued seitan as I do. If you or anyone you know are interested in participating in my next BBQ, please send a self-addressed stamped envelope to nicole@whalebot.com.