I can’t even say for sure what brought us over to the east side of LA, but we were right in the vicinity of Melrose and Heliotrope. Melrose and Heliotrope is home to Pure Luck, a delicious vegan restaurant and bar where the fish tacos are amazing. Right across the street, on Melrose, is Jenette Bras, which I would like to give a shout-out to for having one of the best selections in the entire city for the well-endowed ladies (they start at a D-cup). Anyway, neighborhood also has two different bike shops and lots of east-side bike punks, which makes it a pretty scary place to go, unless you’re rocking the thick glasses and side bangs like some of us, because I throw on a hoodie and I fit right on in. It’s a good thing that I do, because between vegan beer, imported hosiery, and Scoops, i spent quite a bit of time over there. For those of you who don’t know, Scoops is the premiere vegan-servicing ice cream emporium in Los Angeles county. It’s not entirely vegan, but that’s ok by me, because they always carry about four vegan flavors.
Scoops dares to go above and beyond the “safe” vanilla and chocolate flavors that are common of vegan ice creams. On this particular visit, I had cheesecake oreo. I am assuming that they went ahead and used real Oreo cookies, because Oreos are one of those foods that are secretly vegan. That’s right: Vegan. I’m not saying they’re anything you should consider eating on a regular basis, but if you are starving and in a hotel gift shop in the middle of Kentucky, they get the job done. So the ice cream had the oreo cookies, but the ice cream base also had this delicious cheesecake-y flavor. The most remarkable thing about Scoops’ ice cream was that it perfectly replicated the “mouth feel” of scooped ice cream. It was smooth, without any ice crystals, and it was firm when served but melted at a regular rate. Also, for someone who is used to seeing one or two flavors of vegan ice cream on a menu, it was a bold and daring flavor combination.
My boyfriend came along for the ride and tried the salted chocolate, which was also delicious. That same weekend we tried Kind Kreme (which to be fair is raw and organic and vegan). It was really good, and I give them credit for having vegan cookies and brownies, but it didn’t feel like a “real” ice cream parlour experience the way that Scoops does. We took his cone and my dish to the small tables outside, and enjoyed some great dog and people watching. If you are ever in the area, I wholeheartedly recommend stopping in to Scoops, which is one of those rare places where both vegans and omnivores can walk away feeling equally satisfied.