Day 3 started off with me losing another pound and a half, and my skinny jeans finally buttoning in an attractive manner. I woke up clear-headed for the first time during the fast, and I quelled my early morning hunger by finishing the second half of my cashew-vanilla shake from last night. I’ll admit, it was a little heavy on my stomach, so maybe it wasn’t such a good idea.  I guess That I’m very much undedcided about whether it’s better to stack your calories in the morning or wait until the afternoon. The Skinny Bitch girls say that you should start your breakfast with fruit and only fruit, which gives your bodies natural garbage collectors some extra time to do their work. Other books say that you should stack your calories early in the day so that your smallest meal is dinner, which gives your body time to digest everything before it slows down for sleepy time. I guess it comes down to doing what works for you, and I’m going to sincerely try to do a light breakfast post-cleanse and see how I feel.

9 am

Since I downed the cashew drink as soon as I woke up, 9 am was time for breakfast. I’m actually getting used to the green drink, and I can even taste the subtle differences between the different blends. The morning juice has lemon in it, which nicely compliments the hot water with lemon that I have at the beginning of every day.

11:00 am

I’ve decided that the seasonal juice is really awesome. I’ve also decided that while the cleanse gives me a lot of physical energy, I wish that it did more for me in the mental energy department. I have a lot of work to get through this week, and I really do need to be on my game. Maybe it’s the lack of caffeine?

1:00 pm

I decided on another quarter avocado for lunch today, because I was absolutely craving avocado. It was delicious and it got me thinking that when I finally get back on bread, I’m going to experiment with using avocado instead of earth balance. It’s all healthy fat, so it’s got to be better for me than empty calories, amirite?

3:30 pm

I realized that I completely forgot my third juice of the day, and I was a little late in drinking it. But it was a good sign that I forgot my juice, because it meant I was caught up in work. I actually do that a lot these days.


I also moved up the drinking of my lemonade, mostly because it tastes gross and I wanted to get it over with. Cayenne in lemonade? Not a good idea. Lavender or mint in lemonade? Awesomesauce.

6:30 pm

My last green juice of the fast. OK, I have an extra one in my fridge from yesterday, and I plan on drinking it tomorrow, but it’s still just a little sad to see one baby juice, forsaken by his juice friends.

*Thursday Morning Update*

I did my post cleanse weigh in and I can happily report that I lost 4.7 pounds total over the three day cleanse. Most of it was probably water, because I estimated that my calories deficit without working out was 1,200 a day on the fast.