Unfortunately, there is no picture to document the absolutely delicious and fat-free banana bread that I put together. It is August inĀ  Southern California, and that means it’s not a good idea to make banana bread, wrap it in plastic, and leave it on the counter overnight. It gets moisture-ridden, icky, and fruit flies move in. I had to toss what was left of the loaf and disinfect the entire kitchen.

I’m not terribly sure how a fruit fly invasion starts, but we had the beginning of one this week. I responded by getting rid of any fruit that had been sitting out. This was a shame because I usually rely on buying bananas when they are a little under-ripe and then letting them sit out on the counter. Until the weather cools down, I guess that I will have to be a little more careful about picking out riper fruits and leaving them in the fridge, which I am slowly learning is where food belongs in the summer.

Anyway, you can find the recipe that I used over at fat free vegan http://blog.fatfreevegan.com/2009/06/blueberry-banana-bread.html. Sometimes her fat free recipes don’t really work out for me, but this one was pretty good. Originally, I planned on making the bread to share with some friends, but when it came out it just wasn’t up to par with something I would serve to a bunch of non-vegans. I’ve found that when feeding non-vegans, it has to be REALLY good, lest you risk tainting their opinions of all vegan food. However, for someone who is used to the texture and density of fat-free vegan baked goods, this recipe is amazing.