Dear Mr. Wynn, thank you, thank you, thank you for being the first casino in Las Vegas to offer Veganoptions at every restaurant. While I have to request to see a copy of the vegan menu, instead of seeing it prominently displayed next to the main menu, I do very much appreciate having an actual booklet to look at. Also, I very much enjoyed your Money Train Monopoly slot machines, and as a players club member and winner of $30, I will be back.

I’m sure that many of you have heard that the Wynn offers vegan options now. Most of it has to do with Steve Wynn going vegan. I wanted at least one fancy dinner while we were in Vegas, so I dragged my boyfriend all the way to the end of the strip. It was a little difficult to figure out where we wanted to have dinner, because none of the vegan menus are available online.  Our first strop was Stratta, an Italian restaurant on the casino floor. They had a vegan pasta dish and a cheeseless pizza option, which wasn’t all that exciting considering our lunch the day before.

Our second stop, where we decided to have dinner, was at The Country Club, an upscale steakhouse. Wedidn’t have any reservations, so we had to sit at the bar, where our bartender turned out to be a vegan! She answered all of our questions and offered us a bread basket with olive oil (everyone else had butter). My boyfriend had a sesame-encrusted tofu salad, which was delicious. However, I preferred my dinner: a mushroom and potato napoleon. It had delicious sauteed spinach, portobello mushrooms, and lots of garlic. We split an order of fries on the side, which were also really exceptional.

Through eavesdropping and talking to the staff, we learned that Steve-o had been in the restaurant earlier that night, and that’s why it was hotter than Florida in the dining room. I, for the record, was very comfortable in the warm dining room, but some people (whose body temperatures are through the roof) were a little warm. We also learned that he follows a VERY strict vegan diet, with little to no processed oils or food, and mostly raw foods. Research after the fact has informed me that Mr. Wynn went vegan after watching the powerful documentary Eating. If you haven’t seen Eating, I urge you to get a copy. It’s a very eye opening experience, and when I watched it, it really strengthened my commitment to veganism.

My only reservation about the Wynn’s new vegan friendly policy is that none of their vegan food is mentioned on their website. You can download the “regular” menus from almost any restaurant, but the vegan food is never even mentioned. We had to do some serious legwork to determine what options were available to us. Secondly, I’d really like to know what they do about vegan breakfast. The only actual breakfast we had in Las Vegas was at Ronald’s, and the city seems to be seriously lacking in the vegan pancake department. Lastly, they did not seem to have many vegan desserts, and everywhere that we inquired just had vegan sorbets. I had gone three days without dessert, and I would have given my right arm for a vegan cupcake. I personally have three fat-free cupcake recipes that would work perfectly for the Wynn.

That said, it’s a rare treat to get to enjoy vegan fine dining. I don’t know why, but every vegan restaurant I find seems to be super casual, and as a lady, I like to be wined and dined every once in awhile. Just because I’m a vegan doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy the tableclothes, the candles, and the clinking of delicate stemware. So, I was very grateful for the opportunity to enjoy cruelty-free food in an upscale environment.