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Fit Club

Last week I got an email at work about signing up for our company’s fight Fit Club. (update: super bummed to not be meeting in a dark basement to beat the crap out of each other). I signed up without thinking too hard about it, because who doesn’t want a firm commitment to leave work at a certain time in a group and do something that I enjoy but have trouble making time for. About two months ago, TSNY (the trapeze school that I love) moved their silks classes to the pier, which means that the latest class is 4pm and 4 students have to share one silk (which means 45 minutes of class is me sitting around watching other people get stronger), so I haven’t been getting the tough workouts that I was getting earlier in the year. So, I was pretty excited to go kick ass twice a week right next to work.

Then I got an e-mail yesterday. Not only do we have to weigh in during our first class (something I’m not comfortable doing in front of people I work with), but there was also a meal plan. Three servings of dairy a day and meat at two meals? This is almost the opposite of my ideal diet. My first reaction was to pull out, because this trainer and I are clearly not going to see eye to eye on what an ideal diet should look like. I am really looking forward to the training aspect of the next six weeks, but I’m not willing to compromise myself. I also don’t believe in doing things half way though, so keeping up with my diet of late isn’t really an option either. It’s not that I’m eating unhealthily, but I have been relying on processed foods like vegan chicken nuggets due to time constraints with work. So, I’ve decided to go all-in, but I’m going to do it my way, and I’m going to write about it as I go along.