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Health Starts Here

Whole Foods carries a pretty decent line called Health Starts Here. I will warn you that you need to be careful about reading ingredients, because the folks at Whole Foods obviously don’t equate health with being vegan. They define it as healthier ingredients, like the whole wheat flour that goes into their oil-free pizza dough. Whole grain flour, water, yeast, and sea salt are combined and sold in large bags that are perfect for experimenting with at home. You simply take the¬†refrigerated¬†dough out of the fridge an hour before you want pizza and let it rise a bit. Now I know that some people would argue that I ruined a perfectly good oil-free dough with the olive oil in my recipe, and to those people I offer the following alternative. Mince the garlic instead of slicing it and sprinkle it over your dough. Garlic has some natural stickyness to it that will keep the dough from getting overdried and tough. I might also add some nutitrional yeast at that point to jazz things up.

It would have been really easy to go ahead and make a pizza, but I was already planning on a soup for dinner. I’ve been doing a soup dinner once a week lately, and find that it’s a really good way to get a lot of vegetables into my diet. I was really just looking for something delicious to dip into it. So here is my uber simple recipe for vegan foccaccia. Serve it with soup or pasta, or even bake it up for guests as an appetizer.

Berry Chocolate Chip Pancakes

One thing that I love to keep on hand in my pantry is a bag of chocolate chips. I hide them in the back , and try to forget that they even exist. If I didn’t intentionally ignore them, I might eat them when I’m jonesing for chocolate, and then I would be helpless when a impossible to ignore chocolate chip pancake craving hits.

I’m crazy about pancakes for breakfast, and I like to play on a classic recipe by adding new ingredients into the mix. Last week, I added fresh blueberries and a few chocolate chips, and they were delicious. They were, in fact, so delicious and sweet that I went without maple syrup or earth balance on top of them. I’ve made a couple of adjustments to my old pancake recipe, so I’m reprinting it here. Feel free to experiment on your own with different add-ins. I’m thinking about pureed banana next time.